Art & Design


The Art Department offers a broad and balanced programme of study based on therequirements of the Northern Ireland Curriculum. The Department caters for all abilities, taking pupils through Key Stages 3 and 4.

At Key Stage 3 pupils explore a wide range of media and materials, working through nine ‘theme-based’ projects, three projects in each year. In year 8 the theme of colour introduces pupils to colour theory, painting and an opportunity to research their own projects — an important training for Key Stage 4, GCSE and A Level.


At the end of Key Stage 3 each pupil will have had the opportunity to experience painting, textiles, design, graphics, printing, 3D model making and ceramics in 2D and 3D.

Additionally, units also aim to develop each pupils ability to appreciate and compare the work of various artists, designers and craft workers from a variety of differing cultures spanning different historical periods.

Throughout the year visits to museums and galleries are arranged.and guest speakers and artists are invited into the College. Hence the pupils have the opportunity to meet and discuss ‘works of art’ at first hand. The department has established strong links with Queen’s University Art Gallery and the Ulster Museum.