Business Studies


Business Studies is the study of all the major aspects of the business world that all of us come across in our day to day life and possibly work.

Business Studies is offered at Key Stage 4 both at GCSE  and at ‘A’ Level. The subject introduces students to a range of topics such as an awareness of Business Organisations, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources and the Business Environment both at local, national and international level. Overall students will be afforded an opportunity to apply learning in a practical and realistic way and gain individual confidence through developing independent learning skills.

At Post 16 the department, currently offers students GCE APPLIED AQA ‘A’ level Business Studies and BTEC Diploma in Business Studies at level 2.

‘A’ level Applied Business Studies is a popular choice at sixth form. Students enjoy the modular and practical approach and topics covered are an extension of those introduced at GCSE (although studying GCSE Business Studies is not a pre-requisite to obtain a place on the ‘A’ level programme). Studying Business Studies at ‘A’ level provides a broad and solid foundation for progression to Higher Education and employment in the business sector.

Courses at both Key stage 4 and Post 16 are related to the world of work covering topical current affairs issues, students find these courses enjoyable and very relevant to employment opportunities.

There is a wide variety of jobs that you could go into at different levels, e.g. Accountancy, Advertising, Banking, Insurance, Journalism, Civil Service, Law, Marketing, Public Relations, Retailing, Office Work (clerical and legal), Teaching, to name a few!