Geography provides pupils with an opportunity to study how humans interact with and on the earth’s surface.

The subject stimulates pupil interest, knowledge and understanding of the environment. It also encourages open, enquiring minds that are aware of contemporary issues and so helps in the development of informed opinions built on reasoned arguments.

The aim of the Geography Curriculum is to develop the pupils’ knowledge and understanding of people, places and processes in the world, both locally and beyond. It provides them with the necessary skills to help them conduct investigations in order to record, present, analyse and interpret information from primary and secondary sources.

All pupils take Geography at Key Stage 3. The department welcomes the proposed curriculum changes in Key Stage 3 Geography. We view the proposals as the prelude to developing pupils as individuals and as contributors to society, the economy and the environment – all crucially important to the future of mankind!

Geography is offered as an option at GCSE Level (Key Stage 4). There are two tiers of entry for the examination, catering for all levels of ability. This course encourages pupils to develop skills through fieldwork and group activities. The syllabus also establishes closer links with other departments in the ‘Environment and Society’ strand of the Northern Ireland Curriculum.