Do you enjoy detective work? Gathering evidence to find out how or why things happen can indeed be fascinating. Finding out about our roots can help us to understand the complexities of our present political situation.

In History you will be given materials, written sources, photographs, artefacts, films and T.V. programmes. You will use these sources to draw conclusions on major events in History. You will carry out historical investigations which will give you the confidence and skills to develop opinions based on solid evidence.

Your first year in St. Patrick’s will be spent studying the Norman Invasion of England and Ireland and how it constitutes a key part of our heritage. You will also look in depth at the American West from 1840 to 1880. Years 9 and 10 concentrate on Irish History from the 16th century to Partition in the 20th century. Supplementary units cover the development of Belfast as a City and also looks at World War 1. This War unit incorporates a trip to the Somme Heritage Centre. Here pupils experience reconstructions of a recruiting office, the trench system and a journey into ‘no-man’s land’!

Students in Years 11 and 12 follow the N. Ireland syllabus leading to the GCSE examination. Topics covered include Nazi Germany, Britain and Ireland 1965-85 and Super Power Rivalry.