Proficiency in mathematics is viewed by all in the College as an essential skill for life.

Our main objective in the Mathematics Department is to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve the highest success in this subject.

We also seek to develop skills that students can readily apply in other subjects and skills that they can use effectively in the world of work.

We encourage every student to realise his full potential and to experience a sense of challenge, achievement and enjoyment in mathematics.

To this end, the teachers in the Department use a range of strategies and resources, including the excellent computer facilities in the College.
Students joining us from primary school span a wide range of ability in mathematics. To ensure progression, each student is assigned to a teaching group that follows a learning programme appropriate to the previous level of achievement.

These programmes take the student forward at a pace that builds confidence and independence. Individual progress is regularly monitored. Students will ‘move class’ as appropriate, either to provide additional challenge or to facilitate those experiencing difficulties.

All students take the statutory tests at the end of year 10, in addition to Key Stage 3 Information Technology Accreditation.

At Key Stage 4 all students embark on a two year course leading to the GCSE qualification. Grades A* – G can be awarded depending on the tier of entry.