European Day of Languages 2016

European Day of Languages takes place every year on 26th September to celebrate the linguistic and cultural diversity which enriches our lives and reminds us of our global citizenship. St Patrick’s College is no less involved in this celebration of languages. To mark the occasion, all the Year 8 pupils participated in a European Table Quiz. The assembly hall was decorated with European bunting and flags and posters to give a truly continental feel to the day. The Year 8 pupils were invited to attend a continental breakfast in the canteen and we were delighted that the breakfast was so well attended by our year 8 parents.


The canteen staff were more than happy to cater for the European breakfast by providing croissants, pain au chocolat, hot chocolate (chocolat chaud) and pure orange juice (jus d’orange) for pupils and parents. Everyone had the choice of a “healthy option” with yoghurt, cereal or fresh fruit salad. The European theme continued in the canteen with food from around Europe on the menu for the day for the whole school.


Year 11 students delivered Irish lessons to pupils in St Therese of Liseux, one of our partner primary schools. The teachers were impressed with the pupils’ competency and agreed that they were excellent teachers in the making.


A big thank you to our pupils with English as an additional language who helped us to pronounce greetings in their native language. Pupils enjoyed learning some phrases in the language of their classmates who have English as an additional language during their lessons.

Yó reggelt (Hungarian)
Dobré ráno (Slovak)
Dzień dobry (Polish)
Bom dia (Portuguese)
Magandang umaga! (Tagalog – national language of the Philippines)
Bonjour (French)
Nǐ hǎo (Chinese)
Marhabaan (Hello)