The department encourages each and every pupil to experience a broad spectrum of music and hopefully, like the vast majority of our boys to derive enjoyment, fulfilment and achievement from participation in ‘making music’!

We certainly subscribe to the old adage – ‘Music maketh the Man’. It is our experience that by embracing music the pupil dramatically improves his social and communicative life skills.

Through participation in the College choir, classical and traditional ensembles etc., the music department contributes greatly to an enhanced sense of school and community spirit. Indeed the choir represents the College at many high profile events and we are privileged on those special occasions to offer entertainment in hospitals and residential centres. We also play an active role in interdenominational events.

All pupils in years 8, 9 and 10 complete a course in Music incorporating listening, composing and performing. Parents will be pleased to know that the City of Belfast School of Music provides tuition in the following: Flute, Clarinet and Percussion.

All pupils have an experience of keyboard, tin whistle and a range of tuned and untuned musical instruments. Pupils perform and compose in small groups, in pairs and individually as appropriate with assigned tasks matching their age and musical aptitude.

At Key Stage 4 Music is offered to GCSE level. Participation here beckons a level of commitment “above the normal call of duty”. Our Key Stage 4 boys most certainly meet this challenge!Various musicians from the school take part in extra curricular activities. These include ‘African Drumming’!
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Traditional groups take part in a range of public performances. The aim of the Department is to provide a musical insight and knowledge so that every pupil has the ability and motivation to progress to ‘greater things’ – at whatever stage of life!