The Department aims to stimulate and excite the curiosity of pupils about scientific phenomena and other ‘strange’ events in the world around them. Science links direct practical experience with ideas and hence it is a subject that can engage learners at many levels.

We are very aware that science will play a crucial role in the future lives of all young people. Science, therefore, is a core subject for all pupils at Key Stages 3 and 4.

In recent years the department has undergone a complete refurbishment so that today we boast six ultra-modern laboratories, the very latest in scientific equipment and networked computer hardware.

Key Stage 3 Schemes of Work are built on the experience of our boys at Key Stage 2 in Primary School. The three main areas of study in the Junior School are: (1) Life Processes and Living Things, (2) Materials and their Properties, (3) Physical Processes.


Schemes of Work have been specifically designed to deliver the Northern Ireland Curriculum requirements in a way which targets pupil success in examinations, while at the same time presenting science as enjoyable and stimulating.

At Key Stage 4 the department offers both Double Award Science and Single Award Science. Achievement is possible across the entire grade range A* – G. Each pupil is challenged to realise his full potential in this crucial subject area. It is college policy to offer “Double Award” Science rather than the individual Physical Sciences. The “Double Award” syllabus, of course, includes all the essential elements of Physics, Chemistry and Biology and is widely recognised as a suitable qualification at 16+ for those pupils contemplating Advanced Level studies in any of the individual sciences.

The college now offers A Level GCE in Applied Science in conjunction with the ‘Step Up’ programme at the University of Ulster. This is a prestigious ‘double award’ in Science at A Level and opens up many routes to University and third level education.