Learning Support


A percentage of all children, at some point in their school careers, experience significant difficulties with school work.

There can be a number of reasons for this but for many, the problems lie in the areas of literacy and/or numeracy.

In St. Patrick’s we recognise that certain pupils do have individual, identifiable special needs and our aim is to ensure that, as far as possible, all these pupils receive the appropriate support as and when it is needed.

The Special Needs Department in the school works closely with parents and pupils so that:

– Special needs can be
– Appropriate identified help is provided
– Progress is monitored
– Outside agencies are involved

In the junior school, pupils with defined educational needs are assigned to one teacher for a range of core subjects.

Thus the teacher develops a high awareness of the learning difficulties being experienced by each pupil and can cater for his individual educational development across a number of subjects.

In years 11 and 12 additional classes in English and Mathematics are arranged for pupils whom we identify as being in need of further assistance.