Dress Code


As a student of St. Patrick’s College you are expected to wear your uniform with pride and to represent the College appropriately at all times. The school uniform is designed to foster a sense of identity, loyalty and belonging in the students and is compulsory for all.

  • The school blazer must be worn at all times.
  • Hair may not be longer than collar length or be shorter than a number 2, with no lines or patterns shaven into hair.
  • No visible piercings or tattoos are permitted.
  • No jewellery is permitted, with the exception of a watch.

The compulsory school uniform consists of:

  • Black blazer with badge / Green blazer for Post 16
  • White Shirt
  • College Tie
  • College Jumper
  • Formal Leather Black Shoes
  • Black Socks
  • Black Outdoor Coat/Anorak with College Crest (no emblems or writing)
  • Plain Sturdy School Bag (no emblems or writing)

The compulsory P.E. uniform consists of:

  • Plain black shorts, black trainers, black socks, KIT designed College top
  • If students wish to use the 3G pitch they must bring training shoes to school – no other footwear will be permitted onto the pitch

Please note:

  • Non-uniform items such as baseball caps may not be worn in school or en route to and from school.
  • Black trainer type shoes may not be worn to school.