Art Club

Art clubThe Art department owes it’s excellent GCSE and A Level grades to the time and effort that students put into the subject outside class time. Homework plays a major role in a student’s ability to self-manage and meet weekly and monthly deadlines and targets.

The Art department accomodates students by facilitating a  Art Homework Club everyday after school from 3.15PM to 4.00PM. Both Art teachers provide their rooms, equipment and expertise to support students in meeting weekly targets.

Students are encouraged to develop and explore many materials and mediums working towards their strengths and skills. The Art rooms can facilitate students using materials such as clay, modroc and wire in 2D or 3D in various scales and sizes.

The Art department also has access to a wide selection of Art books for personal research and understanding of Art history and Art techniques. The Art department also has internet access and colour printing facilities to enhance ICT skills (such as proficiency in Adobe’s Photoshop application) and personal research.