Science is an extremely important subject in today’s world. It helps teach valuable skills to students that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. STEM Club covers a wide range of cross-curricular subjects including Home Economics, Physical Education, Mathematics, Technology and Design, English and Business Studies.

With the huge range of practical work and interesting topics, Science has the potential to inspire students to fulfil their true potential. It is essential that we keep students interested and up-to-date with new scientific findings.

STEM Club can provide the perfect focal point for this and can give pupils a range of practical activities that can stretch the high-achieving student, while still raising the achievement of lower ability students, all the time keeping them happy and interested in Science.

All work completed within the STEM Club is linked to Schemes of Work within the school.

We have also forged close links with industry and use many of our STEM associates to place students in full time employment and work experience.

STEM Club is in its infancy and the challenge for us at St Patrick’s Science Department is to extend the Science Club to Years 9 and 10.