Daily Life


St. Patrick’s College opens early each morning (8.00am) for those students who wish to go to the breakfast club and for those who wish to catch up on the news or check their homework in the study club.

Registration begins at 8.50am when homeworks are checked carefully by Form Teachers to ensure they meet with expected high standards. Uniform is inspected at registration and prayers and announcements for the day also take place at this time.

Classes begin at 9.05am and each class lasts for 40 minutes. Break (10.55am – 11.10am) is spent in the dining room where there are hot and cold snacks available for all. At 11.15am classes resume.

At present students study English Language, English Literature, Drama, Maths, Religious Education, Science, Geography, History, Technology, Home Economics/Hospitality, Art and Design, Irish, French,  Spanish, Music, Physical Education, Learning for Life and Work, Information Technology, Travel and Tourism, Sports Studies, Business Studies, Occupational Studies (level 2 and 3).

Lunch (1.15am – 1.45am) is spent in the Dining Room and then there are lunchtime activities for all students in the Assembly Hall, Library and Gym.

Afternoon classes begin at 1.45am and at the end of the afternoon (3.05am – 3.10am) all students meet their Form Teachers again to prepare for home study. A range of clubs are available to students at the end of the school day.


September 2014 – June 2015

Registration am     

8.50am – 9.00am

Period 1     

9.00am – 9.40am

Period 2    

9.40am – 10.15am

Period 3   
10.15am – 10.55am


10.55am – 11.10am

Period 4   

11.10 am – 11.55am

Period 5     

11.55am – 12.35pm

Period 6         

12.35pm – 1.15pm


1.15pm – 1.45pm

Period 7      

1.45pm – 2.25pm

Period 8              

2.25pm – 3.05pm

Registration pm   

3.05pm – 3.10pm

(Study club and breakfast from 8.00am in the Dining Centre)

 (Homework club 3.15pm – 4.00pm  Monday – Thursday in the Library)