Ethos and Aims


College Ethos

St Patrick’s is a community of learners, teachers, support staff, parents and Governors, whose aim is to provide our students with experiences which will help them to discover and develop their talents so that they will become positive and mature individuals. In an atmosphere of trust, love and hope, the purpose of all our programmes and structures is to ensure that our students have opportunities to develop academically, spiritually, physically, emotionally and socially.
All aspects of College life ensure that students are happy and fulfilled in school.  We help them to discover their talents, build up their confidence and develop their Christian values within and beyond the College community. Spiritual guidance is enhanced through chaplaincy work from local parishes.

School Aims

  • To promote and develop each pupil’s relationship with God and his fellow man.
  • To enable each pupil to assume responsibility for his own life and actions; to be a responsible member of the Body of Christ; to live responsibly as a student, neighbour, citizen and consumer.
  • To promote an awareness and understanding of the pupil’s own and other cultures.
  • To develop each pupil’s academic abilities and other gifts and talents to the fullest extent.To promote the spiritual, moral, intellectual, cultural and physical development of each pupil.
  • To provide each pupil with the skills necessary for employment and to foster the adaptability necessary to cope with changing patterns of work.
  • To encourage each pupil to develop a positive attitude to continuing education/training.
  • To prepare each pupil for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life both in his own community and within society at large.

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