Student Wellbeing


In St Patrick’s all students know they are respected, valued and cared for. A culture of dignity and respect for self and others celebrates richness and diversity. College reward schemes acknowledge students for their high standards of attendance, work and behaviour. Relationships are fostered and developed between students and their Form teacher through our extensive Pastoral Care Programme. Students build lifelong trusting relationships with their Form teacher and one another supported by Leaders of Learning for each Year Group and Key Stage. Leaders of Learning: Year group have overall responsibility for the well being of all the boys in their group.

Student wellbeing permeates all aspects of College life and is fostered through our Positive Behaviour for Learning Policy. There is zero tolerance of bullying. The College employs positive and meaningful strategies whilst using a multi-disciplinary approach to support students when needed. Positive relationships exist between students, parents and the College, further developing and supporting the needs of the ‘whole’ child.


The close link between Form teacher and Form class is at the core of our pastoral system. Form teacher and Form class meet every morning and afternoon for registration. This relationship is further developed through weekly timetabled classes where a structured pastoral care programme is followed. This focuses on the wellbeing of the student as he prepares for adult life and the world ahead.This special student-Form teacher relationship helps ensure that the student is happy in school.

Parents are encouraged to keep in close contact with the College regarding all aspects of thier child’s educational well-being. We unashamedly state that we expect and need all parents to attend all parents’ evenings and events throughout their son’s years at the College.

It is our belief that parents will view the College as an integral part of the community. We are not a distant uncaring organisation. Should there be difficulties, problems or worries we will listen, we will be responsive, we will be supportive.